Being successful at motherhood and balancing a career

Is it possible to be successful in both career and motherhood without sacrificing time and your health?

When I went back to college for a second degree, attending night school and sacrificing weekends was easy. Our girls were very young and would not notice or so we hope that mom was not there some nights to put them to sleep and the morning part of the weekends.

Moving forward a few years graduated and now working the night shift to make sure one parent is home for school drop off and pick up.

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Is showing them love, sharing, providing, setting goals, rules ENOUGH?

Screenshot_2016-08-15-12-27-00 (3)How do you know that all the decisions that you’re making are the correct ones?  Are the ones that are going to properly set them up for their future?  Are the ones to help form them to be loving, caring, supportive, educated, hard working individuals? Are going to guide them, and have them take a second thought when facing a problem?

 How do we know we haven’t broken their souls, minds, hearts, spirits, creativeness, and individuality; when we ask them to please do better, listen, behave?  Where is our inner guidance to support us; when doubt enters our mind: “Are we making the correct decisions for them and not us?”

Is showing them love, sharing, providing, setting goals, rules ENOUGH?

When does a person realize/know that they are doing a well enough role to not sacrifice the child’s imagination and life lessons?

Mommy guilt!

This morning all seemed to go as clear and graceful as the day that was brought upon us. Girls cooperated with their morning routines and were even ready 15 mins early.  “YES!!!! I will be making it to work early today”.

Enter drop off moment.  We walk in, say our good mornings, wash hands, put all articles away in the cubbies.  They sit down and I serve them breakfast.  Glance at my watch and wow I’m truly on point this morning.  Hugs and kisses to one and hugs and kisses to the next, but wait!!!!!  She won’t let go of my sweater. OK mommy loves you both and daddy will pick you guys up today.

And the water works begin.  Lower myself to her level and reassure her mommy loves and you’re going to have a wonderful day today. No NO No NO! Please stay, or can I please go to work with you.  Now this went on for 25 minutes and there was no reasoning with her as there is no reasoning with any 4-year-old. Negotiations, options, hugs, kisses and speaking; were all failed attempts on my behalf, but her guilt trip on me was definitely winning.  “Mommy you’re breaking my heart, because you’re not understanding me”.  How do I compete with that?  How do I bounce back and try to even win this one? Continue reading

Neurotic vs’ Toddlers = Balancing Act!

Before having kids, Clorox = a clean home. There was not a spot that did not get sprayed and cleaned throughout the week. Now, I find myself struggling between what
is safe for my girls and what will come close to cleaning the same way?

 I’ve tried the vinegar solution, alcohol wipes and even just plain soap and water with a spray of Lysol, yet at the end of the day I am not convinced it has done the job.

This is just one of the many little things I have had to deal with in the past two years. I was a bit neurotic when it came to making sure everything was done right;
this included the bed being made (this one is still a must every morning), dishes done and stove cleaned before going to bed, sofa throw pillows are fluffed before going to work and everything in its
place before leaving the house.

Lately, I find myself dwelling on what I have energy to complete. Everything has started to take a step back, since the girls have become more active. Not to mention the fact that I have a full time job. Balancing time and finding
what’s a priority since the birth of the girls has been one of the biggest challenges. 

Though, I thank God every night for giving me the most patient and understanding fiancee, that just goes with the flow, instead of demanding more of me.

Would love some feedback on how you the reader balance cleaning, cooking, kids, working and so forth…