Mother Nature


Mother Nature has allowed us the comfort of enjoying partial climate in the past few years, with some snow bumps along the way.  We became so accustomed that the true forecast of Winter was burned and became ashes in our fireplaces.

Now Mother Nature has decided to teach us a little lesson on not taking time, moments, life for granted.  We need to remember the unexpected can happen at any moment.  Time is not controlled by us, but instead time should teach us how to appreciate, learn, and live.

Stop the complaining about the snow; it’s a snowy, new canvas to imagine, re-group and contemplate on what needs to be cleaned in our lives; while we momentarily hibernate.   Spring will arrive sooner then we think; giving us the green light to evict the unwanted, un-needed, and un-warranted out of our path and lives.

This is Winter!  This is the area of the world you have decided to set your roots.  Embrace it, nourish it, and begin to comprehend it.  If you don’t, there will be others that take advantage of the Winter challenge.  Come Spring Mother Nature will remind us of the beauty she can hold.  And for the ones that decided to accept her challenge; it will blossom our minds, and souls.

What are you going to do?  Complain about Winter or Embrace the clean slate?