Alone it was possible-together we accomplished it!



Last week we took our last steps to what we will soon call our past. Doors closed behind us, as the front door opens to a some what unknown future.  The path demonstrated some cracks, darkness, uncertainties, and light.  Though if we look afar we can find a bright path ahead of us.

30 months ago, we had a vague idea what we and our families would be embarking on, and there were moments many/some of us might of thought we had not made a wise decision.  As classes continued and clinical rotations accompanied them the amount of credits began to lessen. 

Until Spring semester 2015. Pediatrics night rotation after a long day at work. Driving an hour away in Friday traffic, finishing up by midnight to drive another hour and wake up in 4 hours for morning Maternity rotation an hour away. This was the semester of all semesters.

What had pushed me to accept this enormous amount of knowledge and punishment? There are various words that can be used to answer the question, but in the end we/I survived the Spring rotations.

It has definitely been a difficult road, one that required more than what was expected, but one that has demonstrated that anything is possible in life when one is determined; has a great support system not only at home, but in the classroom with your nursing sisters and brothers.

Congratulations to all that endured not having us at home to tuck you in and talk about the day, the partners that held it down, the long nights of classes and clinicals.  We are 3/4 completed to our ultimate goal.

Alone it was possible-together we accomplished it!


4 responses to “Alone it was possible-together we accomplished it!

  1. It was a great journey. Many tears and lack of sleep that aged me tremendously lol. But it all made us better people. Plus I met some of the best people ever!

  2. A virtual toast; to the spirit of tenacity and perseverance. That feeling when you’re standing on top of the world after you’ve felt like the Titan Atlas, bearing (what seems like) the weight of the world on your shoulders for quite some time. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to challenge and push myself.

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