Casablancas, Calla lily, Orchids, Birds of paradise, Roses are all exquisite flowers in their own rights.

Their scents, beauty can transform any life, table, or event into ceremonial bliss.

Flower arrangements play many roles; though none as impacting and cherishable as the wedding day.  Of course every bouquet of flowers given has a special significance in that person’s life. Now the wedding, a time in a couples life, which becomes chaotic, all the decisions, locations, guest, dress, tuxedos, wedding party and of course flowers.

Enter wedding coordinator.  These wedding angels dedicate their every breathing moment to simplify your wedding life; and create your perfect wedding. What a dream and power couple these two are: Wedding coordinator and florist, yet finding that perfect couple is time consuming and sometimes difficult.

If you’re in the Greater New York/New Jersey area and looking for a professional, creative wedding/events planner contact Betsy Moreno @ .  For floral arrangements check out  the site speaks for itself and ask for Ronald.

The floral aroma and party is waiting for you!


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