Your Blank Canvas

Your blank canvas, to dress and adorn as your soul sees fit.

Small, large, black, grey, colors, and patterns- all tell a story of your desires, passions, loss, or present moments.  Strategically placed, thought out, and designed for your blank canvas.

That moment of vulnerability when the artist peeks, ponders, and judges your blank space.  Making your thought and his art a permanent feature on you.

The machine turns on, the needle is dipped into the black ink, your body’s adrenaline starts to kick in, blood quickly flowing, pain, anxiousness, are all rolled into one.

The seconds become minutes; which converts to hours and it seems like an eternity.  Others observe, opinionate and eagerly await the final results.

Your blank canvas starts to shape, images are becoming clear.  The story once held in your thoughts is becoming visible for others to view, stare, judge and try to make meaning of your once mental story, thought, or desire.

The needle has finally stopped rotating, the gloves have come off the artist hands. Your once blanks canvas is cleaned, and ready for its unveiling to your toughest critic… YOU!!!!

All emotions are blank, heart races, palms are sweaty, your eyes focus, pupils dilate and finally you exhale.

Collaborate art at its best.

The interpretation, the realism, the alignment, details, patterns and colors all but extraordinary. It’s your perfect one of kind, exceptional piece.


Your art piece, is starring in your life’s production.

Your Blank Canvas

My new piece


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