Reason to start!

Being what was once considered a typical Scorpio; pre-twins days was a title I carried with pride. Now being called mami is one I wear with honor. Yet how do I go back and find some of that Scorpio sting that’s inside me, yet is not sure how to balance the once title and the new?

I am using this blog as a way to try to mesh the old with the new in order to keep what was once a fun, spontaneous person/fiancee to just being a mami!

My goals are to free write what is on my mind for 30 min. This will hopefully start giving me insight to what is inside my mind and what is presently going on at once.

If anyone wants to comment please feel free. I would love to hear from other moms/dads that may or may not be facing similar adjustments.

On a side note a milestone was reached in our home this morning. Day 5 of twins going pee pee in the potty. What a great accomplishment on their behalf and light starting to peek through the tunnel; symbolizing purchasing diapers will soon come to an end.


2 responses to “Reason to start!

  1. Life after motherhood is never the same. Free time becomes more of a distant memory, & i think the challenge to getting that oooomph back (that Scorpio thing), is about balance. I lose mine, often, but always try to check myself. In my case, I need to do something positive for myself everyday (exercise, write, work towards a goal); something social once a week (a poetry event, meet up w/ a friend/friends), & something solitary once a week (a day alone, to read, write, reflect). Motherhood in & of itself is a lot of work. Can’t imagine with twins! Still, it looks like you’re doing a phenomenal job. Be good to yourself. You can treat yourself to something nice now with that diaper money you’re saving! 😉 Eager to read future blogs. xoxoxo

    • Before becoming a mom, I looked around me and managed to find many mothers being able to ”Balance” motherhood, work and a social life without a hitch. It wasn’t until I had the girls that I realized how help makes a difference in this balancing act.
      Thank you for the lovely words, encouragement and advice.
      P.S. What’s the name of your blog?

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