Roles & Time

As moms, we wear many hats, and costumes.  Yet the most important role, I feel,  I have is being blessed with the opportunity of parenthood.  All the other undertaking that is present in my life has been put there by me and me alone.  I have chosen to pursue further education, while my daughters are still very young, and let’s just say it has not been easy on anyone from my husband to my-self.

 Now with that said here comes the magic part I’ve yet to master. Time….  Time has to be the biggest enemy against accomplishing any dream in life.  There is never enough of it, even when you believe; you have found a way to manage it.  How can one get through 5 quizzes, 2 forums, 16 chapters, plus work, and play the most amazing role mom and family Time!!! 

What an evil theory!!!!

The only step, I have been able to understand, but not master is mommy-hood.  If, I want to succeed in my career, then I need to continue nurturing the little ones at home, because that is what will matter most in the end.  Everything else, I will just play with the scale for as long as I can, without giving up. 

I may not catch up to Time, but I will figure out, how to wind- it- up, at my pace!

 ImageGirls art project balanced on Time!