BareTrees Adorned with Leafless Twigs

Eerie, dark skies gloom over the desolate forest. With no shelter or alimentation, animals and humans alike have abandoned the trails. All that is left are bare trees adorned with leafless twigs. That evening before the season was due to change; from across the highway the wind could be heard howling through the lifeless forest; while on the opposite side the wind shuffled silently through the open window whisking away the curtains knocking the bouquet of flowers off the coffee table.

Daylight breaks with no significant change in the weather. Across the way the forest continues to visibly fall into a humanist depression. Overnight twigs have evidently fallen without a soul insight to testify its demise. The bare trees adorned with leafless twigs are slowly becoming unknown and unnoticed.

Travelers of the highway no longer slow down to observe the forest; instead they quickly accelerate before welcoming the evening in this area.  Dusk starts to set in; the bare trees adorned with leafless twigs set the tone and scene for the next Jason thriller.  The moon shines through the desolated forest bouncing its lights over the tress, illuminating a glimpse of life.

The next morning curiosity peeked. Across the highway it was and into the trails the investigation started; frantically searching for life. Minutes later there it was, standing all of one inch tall a leaf has begun emerging from its hibernation stage. One lonely green leaf……….

That evening one or two cars slowed down noticing the green leaf growing out one of the bare trees once adorned with leafless twigs. Days later the leaf had disappeared once again leaving the forest with the bare trees adorned with leafless twigs. There was no end in sight the grim reaper had claimed its victory over the last hope of life. Nature had decided to second guess the ground hogs predictions.

Soon after, the rain had overwhelmed the area causing travelers on the highway to decelerate, due to flooding.  On the windowsills puddles would form, while across the highway a constant fog with mist enclosed the forest that presumably continued housing the bare trees adorned with leafless twigs.

A month or so had passed without notice. Breaking through the clouds a shear streak of sunlight doused the newly reinvented forest. The window was opened allowing the breeze to carry a fresh sent filled with the sound of chirping birds reclaiming their home. Travelers were driving slowly admiring the view taking a few extra seconds of relaxation before continuing their journey to work. Squirrels could be seen stretching alongside the grass simultaneously dusting off the winter particles off their coats. And the bare trees adorned with leafless twigs were no more, as the enclosed period had blossomed every leaf, acorn, flower, life into them creating a breath taking tree lined journey.


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